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Elim (US$415)

PP-HAM-HL-014 (13RB13)
Turkish Zamak Tepsi Silver plated Tray D-25cm, Turkish Barda Hilalli Silver Plated Cups with Glass In-cups 6pcs, Turkish Yuvarlak Silver Candy Pot, Turkish Sultan Coffee Tea Pot, Woodcott Yemeni SIDR Honey 250g, Fine & Selection (F & S) Exclusive Celyon Legend Mahaweli Tea 200g, Paatchi Assorted Chocolates 108g, Heavenly Traditional Betty Fours 280g, Traditional Kelantanese Serunding 100g, Mulberries 125g, Ross Cottage Mixed Cranberries & Blackcurrant 288g, Arabic Nougat with assorted Fruits, Nuts & Sesame 180g, Estate Sparkling Red Grape Juice 750ml, Meribah Baroque Glass 3 units and Oud Oil Parfum Ittar Albakhur 6ml.

Learn more about :-
1) SIDR-Most expensive honey in the world
2) The highly revered SIDR Honey
3) Giving of Oud during the Holy Month
4) Benefits of Oud Oils & Perfumes.

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