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Erech (US$477)

Turkish Zamak Tepsi Silver plated Tray, Turkish Barda Hilalli Silver Plated Cups with Glass In-cups 6pcs, Turkish Yuvarlak Silver Candy Pot, Turkish Sultan Coffee Tea Pot, Woodcott Yemeni SIDR Honey 250g, Woodcott Cotton Flower Honey 180g, Ballorieh, Tamrieh, Chocolate Dates 150g, Traditional Arabian Sesame Barazek 160g, Ross Cottage Sweet Apricot 204g Heavenly Homemade Traditional Bangkit Bugis 150g, Classic Hazelnut & Almond Betty Fours 195g, Roasted Honey Almond & Cashew Nuts 148g, Estate Sparkling Red Grape Juice 750ml, Oud Oil Parfum Ittar Adani 6ml, Bakhoor Oud Merauke 40g, Bakhoor Abrasar Charcoal 160g and Bakhoor Arabic Burner.

Learn more about :-
1) SIDR-Most expensive honey in the world
2) The highly revered SIDR Honey
3) Giving of Oud during the Holy Month
4) Bakhoor & Why it's a Great Gift
5) Benefits of Bakhoor.

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