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What Do You Think is Fair?

Dear Valued Customers,

Last Christmas eve, we received a 968 word count complaint letter from a flustered customer.

We screwed up her important order, the letter said. After reading through the most heart rendering complaint letter that we have ever received in the past 3 years, we immediately felt her predicament. We handled her order haphazardly.

We did a post mortem, tracing back the events in chronological order. It dawn upon us that she took much effort in selecting the design, color and the exact stalks of roses that she believe will dazzle her best friend.

Unfortunately, both of them were sorely disappointed. The selected gift, "
Eternal Bliss", turned out to be not so blissful when our logistic department accidentally switched the order.


Eternal Bliss
Priced at RM80
Free Delivery within Klang Valley


Yes, another bouquet similar to "Eternal Bliss" but of different number of roses was delivered to her best friend instead.

Furthermore, our new driver forgot to untie the string that binds the roses. In her exact words, "the roses were bound so tightly that there's no room for the flowers to breath. They may just die stuck together." We immediately assumed full responsibilities of the blunder.

We know nothing we do now will change the embarrassing event. Still…we need to make up for the mistake.

Different customers have different expectations of what amounts to  a fair compensation. We suggested sending her best friend a new "Eternal Bliss" which we believe will not die stuck together, but she said it will only bring back painful memories.

We deliberated the option of giving her a good discount for her next purchase or to send the aggrieved customer an apology gift.

Now, the million dollar question that we would like to ask you - as a customer, what do you think we can do to make up for the order and to make you happy again. What do you think is fair?

In a customer-oriented industry, we continuously aim to lengthen our "accident-free days" record and pray that our Malaysian traffics can always be predicted. We, however, would like to know if ever accidents happen which sometimes may be beyond our control, what can be done to make you, as our customer, satisfied?

A simple reply will make you richer by 50 Real Rewards Points. Simply provide us your Real Rewards Card Number together with your reply. Otherwise, treat it as a favor to us to make us a better informed company as far as your needs is concerned. We will personally ensure that if you ever order "
Eternal Bliss", we will see to it that the roses have enough space to breath blissfully..

Thanks and have a Happy Merry New Year

Pods & Petals Giftlab
03-7883 0233

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