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Sweet Indulgence

Dear Chocolate Lovers,

You have often quizzed us on when we will blow your mind with
really high quality chocolates. Your point noted - you want us to deliver truly exotic yet elegant chocolates so that you may share them with your beloved friends and business associates.

We took your point seriously and began our romance with chocolates, also well known as the
'Diva' of aphrodisiacs. Do you know that the Aztec Emperor Montezuma supposedly drank 50 goblets of 'chocolate water' a day to give him the potency to handle his harem of more than 600 women?

Or that Marquis de Sade wrote extensively about the food's
erotic powers? Casanova was also fan, and it is not news that many Hollywood heartthrobs have constantly used expensive chocolates in lieu of diamonds to lure beauties to their lairs. Yes, chocolates deserve the title of being the 'Queen of Temptations.'

It was a Herculean task for us as we set out to search for the best chocolates. As you may be aware, most of the top quality chocolates are not available in Malaysia. We explored on what constitutes superior chocolates, its unique history, and how it relates to your gifting needs.

Part of our tasks was to sample as many good chocolates as possible to find 'the one' that will truly tantalize you and your recipient's taste buds.

Then, we chance upon the beautiful 11th century Lady who rode naked through the streets of Coventry. It was to champion a good cause for her people. Yes, this noble Lady relates to a top chocolatier from Brussels, well known for its world-renowned handcrafted elegant chocolates - Godiva.

Premium chocolates are rich with high cocoa content, has deep flavour, unusual texture and a lot less sugar. Godiva has all these qualities and more. Take a bite of Godiva and you'll experience its perfect sheen, its twirling aroma and the way it delicately melts on your tongue.

A distinguishing factor that makes premium chocolates as great gifts is its 'feel good' property, the ability to connect you with the feeling of love and erotic power on a psychoactive level. As a gift, Godiva remains unrivalled when it comes to providing this 'feel good' experience. Imagine this emotional food melting lusciously in your loved one's mouth, his or her heart filled with amorous thoughts of you…

From 1st December 2005, Pods & Petals Giftlab is proud to offer you a chance to exploit Godiva chocolates to good use. Include them into the hampers or flowers of your choice to deliver your point - that you are truly appreciative and
only give the best.

Yours in Service,

Chocolate Lovers at
Pods & Petals Giftlab

Godiva Rosa
Godiva Rosa RM285


Lingonberry M368

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