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Our Favourite Valentine’s Story

Nearing Valentine, we usually entertain ourselves with a little game. Each of us shares a story that reminds us of the rich lessons in love. We will then decide which is the most heart touching story. We think that this will allow us to comprehend some of the craziest deeds that have been done in the name of love.

Our favourite happens to hinge on the rivalry between two noble houses, and the forbidden love of their children, Romeo and Juliet. Chance and destiny ordained that they shall meet and become “star crossed lovers” with a sad, luminous fate.

This Valentine, let us share our thoughts on this story with you. A beautiful, chaste Veronese girl, Juliet, encounters Romeo, who is passion incarnate, someone in love with love.

Typically adolescent, the lovers feel the same bliss, suffer the same torments, and tackle the same obstacles young lovers always have. One age-old note is that they must keep their love a secret from their parents. The erotic appeal of the forbidden lover also is an old theme, whether he is from the enemy’s camp or just “the wrong side of the tracks.”

So is the notion of love as detachment, a force that pulls you away from your family, your past, your friends, even your neighbourhood.

In the play, we see how reckless, volatile and short-lived the emotion of love is, especially in young people.

The teenagers of Romeo and Juliet are hotheads, or hot loins, who decide that they are mortally in love and must marry immediately, though they have not exchanged a hundred words. They keep reminding us how combustible love is and how life itself burns like a brief, gorgeous spark in the night.

Their moonlit balcony scene was full of tenderness and yearning.

After such intimacy under the covers of night, their secret marriage is certain. Then comes the impossibility of living without one another.

After many obstacles, a set of dire confusions leads the lovers to commit suicide. Ironically, the horror of their deaths serves to reconcile the feuding families.

Thus, love is portrayed as an emissary force that can travel between foes and conduct its own arbitration. Love can certainly make bedfellows of enemies.

This timeless story explores the many consequences when we open ourselves to love and to be loved. So are the many other Valentine stories that delve into the many different matters of the heart.

Comes Valentine, if there is someone that you truly love, share with this person your favourite Valentine’s story and make it a promise to enrich the relationship with the many lessons laid.

As you celebrate this Valentine’s Day, we at Pods and Petal Giftlab invite you to bond deeply to your love ones. When you order an
add-on gifts (such as our love bears, chocolates or cakes), we can include a copy of this timeless classic (at no extra cost) in your gifts or flowers.** This is provided if Romeo and Juliet is also your favourite Valentine Story.

From all the Hopeless Romantics
Pods & Petals Giftlab




** All "Valentine's Add-ons" exclude delivery charges and can only be purchased with another gift or flowers. The book will only be included in your gift upon request and if the order is made 10 days before the delivery date.

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