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Drink More Chinese Tea

On casual occasions, there is tea; in serious occasions, there is, again, tea. The Chinese world would almost not function if tea is taken away from it. Starting this year, Pods and Petals is proud to introduce to you and your loved ones specially selected Chinese tea for your gifting needs.


But first, let us explore further, the rich culture of Chinese tea drinking in Chinese culture.


Firstly, we often hear parents who long for their sons to get married as "wanting to drink 'daughter-in-law's tea’.


In traditional Chinese marriage ceremony, the bride and groom kneel in front of their parents and serve them tea. That is a gesture of gratefulness. It's like saying "thanks for bringing us up. Now that we are getting married, we owe it all to you." 


Younger generation greet elder generation with a cup of tea. That is a way to show their respect.


One note is that in organizations and families, only people of lower rank serve tea to higher rank people. At least it was like that in the old days.


Today, society is more liberal. Parents may pour kids a cup of tea at home, bosses, for their subordinates at restaurants. But this is because the parents and bosses are being nice.


Also, when we have a serious apology to make and words are not enough, we "pour tea and apologize". That is an act of remorse and submissiveness.


Have you ever seen a situation where after guy A pours a cup of tea for guy B, you see guy B knocking his bended index and middle fingers (or similar varieties of finger tapping) on the table. If you bet your savings that they are secret agents, you will surely go broke. They are just adopting a Chinese tea drinking tradition.


The story goes like this. In the Ching Dynasty some 300-400 years ago, Emperor Chien Lung liked to visit his kingdom incognito. Servants were told to maintain low profiles in order not to reveal their master's identity. 


One day in a restaurant. The emperor, after pouring himself a cup of tea, filled the servant's cup as well. To the servant, it was a huge grace bestowed upon them. Out of reflex, he wanted to kneel down and thank his master. But he was stopped because that would give away the emperor's identity. So instead of kneeling on his knees, the servant kneed with his fingers. 


That "thanks" knock is still in used today well into the 21st century


So this Chinese New Year, share the Chinese rich culture of tea drinking with your friends and loved ones. Better still, warm their heart by serving them a cup of Chinese tea, specially chosen by Pods and Petals Giftlab.


Warmest Regards,


Jason Ong

Pods & Petals Giftlab

03-7883 0233


PS: Most of our hampers come with a variety of Puerr Err Tea with different years’ grades, Porcelain tea cups sets and other tea accessories. If you want to know more about our tea and the right way of brewing them, please email to us and we will provide you with further information.

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