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The Many Wonders of Binchotan

In the midst of our modern lifestyle, the secret power of nature in high quality white charcoal (also known as Binchotan) has almost disappeared from our daily life. However, its usefulness and wonders are being recognized once again lately, especially in Japan and Taiwan. There is a new trend lately toward naturalism and holistic methods and this has made these miracle woods become fashionable, once again.

This great gift generates negative ions, makes our life healthier and enhances the vitality of human beings and life on earth. Not to mention its deodorant and dehumidifying properties, more and more Binchotan is used to get rid of toxic substances which can cause sick house syndrome.
Difference between Binchotan and Ordinary Charcoals

Binchotan is an active, naturally organic, ultra carbon bar that made out of a distinctive type of natural hardwood. This unique form of hardwood only grows in certain area and under certain weather condition; it is hand-picked, and processed by highly skilled craftsmen. Unlike ordinary charcoals, Binchotan is carbonized at high temperature, it is hard like steel and the cut end is shinning with black silver gray. Solid wood such as mangrove is used to make such heavenly merchandise. Binchotan is made by charring the wood at a relatively low temperature for some time, then, near the end of the process, raising the kiln temperature to about 1200 Celsius to make the wood red-hot, in an oxygen-absent setting for 8 days. The bar is then pulled out and quickly smothered with a covering of powder to cool it. The powder is a moist mixture of earth, sand and ash, and gives a whitish hue to the bar surface. The rapid rise in the temperature, followed by a rapid cooling, incinerates the bark and leaves a smooth, hard surface. The result is a 100% natural, organic, non-chemical-added, artistic-looking, ultra-carbon bar

How does one tell the difference between them?

Once Binchotan is washed and prepared, it has the look of a polished, jet-black stone and is very beautiful. This expensive wood is as hard as steel, has a distinctive metallic sound, and is a conduit to electricity. Their most important and powerful feature is it generates a high level of far infrared rays which in turns produces negative ions, that offers a host of other benefits to humankind.

Why is Binchotan given to me as a gift? What is so wonderful about Binchotan?

(A) Negative Ions
Place some Binchotan beside you when you sleep - in a nice attractive container. The negative ions will make you sleep better and wake up refreshed. Put some Binchotan in each corner of your room, this cleans the air and makes the room very soothing and comfortable.

In our modern society, we are surrounded by a large quantity of positively charged ions which can cause our life to be even more stressful. Positive ions are emitted from concrete, asphalt, electric devices and hydro lines which radiate electromagnetic waves. Under these circumstances, negative ions in Binchotan act on the parasympathetic nervous system and helps us in calming down our mental and physical being. That's why they is called "the vitamin for our mind”.

(B) Eliminates electromagnetic waves
Binchotan absorbs electromagnetic waves that a TV, computer or a computer monitor release, so it is effective to have in the rooms where you have TV's or computers.

(C) Emits far infrared rays, which makes your physical condition better.
The good thing about Binchotan is it emits far infrared rays even when it is not burning. If you have a massage with Binchotan it can raise your temperature and ease chills and pains. Also, it makes you feel relaxed as alpha waves increase. Physical fatigue and over work cause red blood cells to bind, but Binchotan induces the red blood cells to separate from each other and results in smoother circulation of blood.

(D) Mineral water and Binchotan
Put some Binchotan in a bottle or pitcher of water and let it sit over night. Binchotan contains natural minerals in great abundance; more than 200 types. Not only it dissolves harmful substances, it also eliminates the smell of chlorine and other urban tap water smells. The water then becomes an alkaline ion water. Also if you boil a pot of water with Binchotan in it, minerals such as iron and magnesium seep from it, making the water mild and delicious.

(E) Deodorizing and cleans the air
Binchotan deodorizes and removes annoying smell and harmful substances. It is very good to use in your fridges, cupboards, bathrooms, cars and other areas.

The secret of Binchotan's miracle power lies in its microscopically sized holes on it’s surface. When gases and liquids go through its interior, these holes absorb or take in various sources of smell, such as harmful trihalomethane and chlorine, which smells pungent.

(F) Controls moisture
Put some Binchotan in your clothes drawer, closet or shoe cupboard; this will deodorize your clothing and prevent moisture build up. Putting Binchotan in a pillow or a blanket will adjust the temperature and the moisture of your bed clothing. Controls those unseen tiny pests hiding in your bed sheets.

(G) Keeps your Vegetables Fresher!
Put some Binchotan in the compartment of your fridge; will absorb ethylene gas released from vegetables and keep the vegetables fresh longer.

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(H) Healthy skin and a fresher you
Binchotan can bring about hot spring like effects in your own bathroom. If you take a bath with binchotan in the bathtub, your blood circulation improves and your skin becomes smooth. Besides, it gets rid of unpleasant smell and bacteria and brings about a far infrared ray effect.

(I) Infrared rays cooking
Do you know why food is much more tasty when you grill food with Binchotan? Because the far infrared rays from Binchotan have no moisture, so the taste does not evaporate from the food. On the other hand, when you use gas to grill, it contains a little moisture in it. In effect, this moisture evaporates the good tastes from the food!

(J) Binchotan vitalizes your plants
If small pieces of used Binchotan are put into a soil, they will retain plenty of water and protect bacteria that are necessary for plants and keep away harmful insects as well.

How much Binchotan is effective?

In order to keep a room 10ft X 10ft (3.2m X 3.2m) in an ideal ionic state, we need at least 4kg of Binchotan. More Binchotan can be used for a room which houses many appliances or computers. In fact, there are an increasing number of rich individuals in Japan and Taiwan that uses Binchotan for the foundation of their offices and homes. Reports indicate, among other things, that the people working or living above these structures get less tired and that the wood used in the structures rot less quickly.

For the purpose of eliminating electromagnetic waves that a TV or a computer releases, 1-2kg of Binchotan in a nice basket or glassware right next to the monitor will be most ideal.

With all these great benefits, you should by now know why these wonderful Binchotan is given as a gift. Incorporate them into your life today.

For more information about our Binchotan, please contact us at 03-7883 0233 / 03-79607327 or visit us at

: If you wish to purchase Binchotan for your own use without the packaging and accessories, you may contact us at


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