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The Making of Our Premium Delicacies

Pods & Petals GiftlabWe have specially sourced far and wide to bring you delicious offerings from all over the world to delight in. These rich premium delicacies, pastries, desserts and sweets are articulately presented to ensure they are great to be given as engagement gifts, birthday gifts, during housewarming, or given as a token of appreciation. They are especially meaningful if your loved ones, friends or colleagues who receive them have an immense gastronomical appetite for great food.


Our Baklavas
Baked fresh daily, our Baklavas are made up of 40-50 thin layers of phyllo pastry filled with assorted nuts such as cashew nuts, pistachios, almonds, pine nuts and walnuts, and sweetened with sugar or honey syrup. A rich, Mediterranean dessert, baklavas were once made only on special occasions, and were historically considered a food exclusively for the rich until mid-19th century.

Our Nougats & Turkish Delights
Imported from Lebanon, our soft sticky Nougats and Turkish Delights are made with an assortment of nut kernels, apricots and strawberries.


Our Date Delights

Our Date Delights comes in a variety of shapes, and are made from a rich combination of dates and assorted nuts including pistachios, cashew nuts, sesame seeds and almonds.


Our Jordan Almonds

Our Jordan almonds, also known as sugared almonds are imported from Italy. A classic form of dragee, they are often used as wedding favours due to the "bitter" almonds and the "sweet" sugar representing bittersweet married life. No longer exclusive to weddings, they are now used as gifts for special occasions.


Our Premium Belgian Pralines
Comes in a spectacular mix, these precious Belgian Chocolates are made from the finest chocolates and are rich in cocoa content with an unusual smooth texture. These premium fine chocolates come in 10 different exquisite flavors, each distinguished by the color and shape of the wrappers. The variety of flavor include among others, pistachio nuts, citrus, sesame seeds, almond, giandoya, oreo, mocha coffee, coconut, smooth creamy milk and dark chocolates. Known for its ‘feel good’ properties, this emotional food made great gifts as they melt lusciously in your recipient’s mouth with its twirling rich aroma.


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