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Washington Apples, an Ideal Gift Idea
Steeped in Symbolism, Tradition, and Bursting with Health Too


When it comes to apples, there’s much more than meets the eye.

There are hundreds if not thousands of tales that testify to the high esteem that ancient myth-makers held apples in.

Apples are regarded as the fruit of love, fertility, knowledge, life, eternal youth and immortality. On the other hand, apples are sometimes pictured as a symbol of temptation.

Apples are thus the quintessential naughty and nice fruit, ideal for gift giving for any and every occasion. The next time you are stumped for a gift, consider the following tales and imagine the recipient’s surprise when you regal them with your reason for sending them apples.

A quest fulfilled

There are countless myths and legends in cultures all over the world of heroes setting out on quests full of seemingly impossible tasks. One of the greatest Greek mythological heroes, Hercules set off on a quest to fulfill 12 heroic deeds. The 11th task required him to win a golden apple from a sacred tree, which bestowed immortality. Of course to get to the golden prize he had to battle through various trials and tribulations.

To the apple of your eye
And did you know that the great Trojan war of Greek mythology started over an apple? There was a great wedding feast to which everyone had been invited, except for Eris, Goddess of Discord and Strife. Miffed at having not been invited, she tossed among the guests a golden apple inscribed ‘To the fairest.’ A young handsome Paris chose to give the apple to Goddess of Love and Marriage, Aphrodite who promised him the love of a beautiful woman - Helen of Sparta. However Helen, who was the queen of Greece, was already married. Thus when Paris took Helen with him to Troy, a war started to get Helen back for Greece.

They called him “Apple Seed Man”
You may have heard about the legendary “Johnny Appleseed’ who, according to a story and song, spread his apple seeds all over America. Born Jonathan Chapman on September 26 (Apple month!) 1775, Chapman earned his nickname because he planted small orchards and individual apple trees during his travels as he walked barefooted across 100,000 square miles of Midwestern wilderness and prairie. Johnny Appleseed became an American hero with his cheerful, generous nature, his love of the wilderness, his gentleness with animals, friendly nature with all humans, and above all, his eccentric appearance. Johnny Appleseed died in 1845. It was the only time he had been sick in over 70 years.

To keep the doctor away
To think that a fruit like the iconic apple can hold so many wondrous tales amazes us. For all we know, it is what keeps the doctors away from us. A fresh apple a day can give you at least 5 grams of fibre, plenty of anti-oxidants to reduce risks of heart disease and cancer.

Give only the best
Washington apples are among the finest in the world, thanks to the perfect apple growing conditions in the state of Washington.

The growers’ love for apples is clear throughout the selection of apple varieties, planting, growing, harvesting and storing process with each apple hand picked at the right time, cleaned, sorted and stored in a controlled atmosphere so that it reaches you at its best.

Let us celebrate this symbol of life with you. Pods & Petals Gift-Lab is proud to present you a very special gifting line featuring sweet wholesome and crunchy Washington Apples.

Available exclusively through Pods & Petals Gift-lab, join us in giving the gift of health, love, joy and peace with Washington Apples.

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